Please also visit the information page on the products you are interested in, or phone us for more details.

Is there a minimum order?

Signature Chocolate has an 8 case total minimum order.

Bed Sheets Fund Raising – 24 sets.

Tritan Tumblers – No, however shipping costs are incurred unless 200+ tumbler order is submitted.


Do we have to order full cases of products?

Signature Chocolate – Yes
Bed Sheets Fund Raising – No
Tritan Tumblers – No

How long should our group conduct the sale?

Signature Chocolate  is best for a 2-3 week blitz sale and placing 1 large order for maximum profits and limited shipping expenses.
Bed Sheet Fund Raising – While the 2-3 week blitz is always best, this one allows you to place repeated orders with the same shipping fees.

When is money collected?

Collect the payment when the sale is made with your customers. Your customers make checks payable to YOUR group, not All Star Fund Raising or any of our suppliers.

When does our group pay for the products?

Signature Chocolate – 30 Day Payment Terms are available with a credit approval. SCHOOL Purchase Orders are accepted for 30 day terms.  All other groups can make payment with any major credit card.
Bed Sheet Fund Raising – Payment is made with order placement to All Star Fund Raising Programs.
Tritan Tumblers – Payment is made with order placement to GoalBuster, Inc.  Electronic Invoice Provided.

When Do We Receive Our Profit?

Your group is invoiced for only the amount you owe for the products. With all of our programs, you KEEP your profits!

How much profit will our group make?

Signature Chocolate offers 40-50% profit on qualifying orders. 
Bed Sheet Fund Raising – Profit will vary on the retail price you choose. $10- $25 per set.
Tritan Tumblers – 40% Profit $8 per tumbler.

After we place our order, when can we expect delivery?

Signature Chocolate – Depending on the program, 3-10 business days for standard stock items. Personalized products delivered in 21-28 days.
Bed Sheet Fund Raising – Once Payment is received with order placement, your order will leave the warehouse in 5-7 business days.
Tritan Tumblers – Two to three weeks is average.  Payment must be received.

How much are the delivery charges?

Signature Chocolate – Free for invoices totaling $1500 or more. $90 for invoices below $2000. 
Bed Sheet Fund Raising – Please contact us directly for quotes.
Tritan Tumblers – FREE on a 200+ tumbler order submitted.

What about refrigeration & handling?

Signature Chocolate – is perishable! DO NOT expose to heat or refrigeration. Keep out of sunlight. It should be kept in temperatures below 72 degrees.
Bed Sheet Fund Raising – No restrictions! Great for summer fund raising, and any other time of the year.
Tritan Tumblers – No!  Great fund raiser year round!

Do we need to sign an agreement?

Yes, on all programs. This is the best way to have the sale details and clarifications in print.   Contact us directly to receive an email or faxed copy.


Signature Chocolate
  • Yes, as described in the Agreement. Customized orders may not be returned.
  • Returns are accepted within 30 days of invoice on factory sealed cases stored under proper conditions.
  • No credit on open cases or free cases.
  • If the cases returned causes the invoice to drop below the 50% tier to the 40% tier, the price per case will increase to reflect this drop in profit percentage.
Bed Sheets – No returns, except for products with manufacturer defects and they will be replaced within 14 days of delivery.
Tritan Tumblers – No returns, except for manufacturer defect replacement.

Sales Tax

Sales tax will be charged on orders from groups who do not fax a tax-exempt certificate to 1-877-202-0260.

How many sellers must we have to start a sale?

We work with any size group on all of our programs. Just be sure to check the minimum order requirements and delivery charges carefully so as to select a program that will work for your size group. We will be happy to assist and recommend what you should do.