About Us

All Star Fund Raising Programs, LLC

Offering Quality & Successful Fund Raising Options since 2000

About Us
Located north of Atlanta GA, All Star Fund Raising Programs successfully services  groups within Georgia, the surrounding states and nationally. We work with schools & school based groups, (band, chorus, sports, clubs, etc), preschools, churches, youth groups, scouts, athletic leagues, teams, civic groups & charitable organizations or individuals needing to raise funds.

Across the nation,  budgets, funding, and business donations  have been cut dramatically. Our value, premium quality, practicality & customer service allow these groups to continue to meet their goals in a short turnaround time.

We work closely and get to know the fund raising coordinators & their group needs to recommend a customized plan and approach for maximum results through a balanced variety of fund raising options.

What You Can Expect From Us
We pride ourselves with prompt and professional customer service. We will educate you on how our programs work from start to finish. We’ll also recommend what will work best for your group, based on information you share with us.

If you email or leave us a phone message,  expect an answer within 2-4 hours during the normal Monday-Friday workweek. If contacting us on the weekend or holidays, emails are checked daily and we will always respond no later than the next business day.

Phone 770-294-2272
[email protected]

How We Got Started:
All Star Fund Raising Programs was founded 18 years ago by Cheryl Evans. As a mother of 3 children involved in academic & music clubs, church, scouts & multiple sports, I realized the overwhelming time and financial commitments limited participation.  Quality fund raisers allow programs to run successfully.

It is critical to offer the correct approach to fundraising for maximum profits with minimum effort.  That’s why our programs are popular, affordable and practical.

Generations of volunteers and fund raising have kept schools, activities, sports & churches available for more generations to come.

How You Can Get Started
We will do everything possible to help you achieve successes with our fund raising options.   Email us at [email protected]