Best and easy Fundraising ideas for Church, Daycare and Scouts

Fundraising ideas for Church, Daycare and Scouts

All Star Fund Raising has numerous fundraising ideas that are proven, quick and easy where some can be personalized specifically for your group. These fundraisers have been used by Church Youth groups, Bible Study groups, Sunday schools, Choirs, Daycares and Scouts.

These Fundraisers are ideal in supporting your goal which may include:

Mission Trip                                        Mission Project

Youth Group Trip              Playground Equipment

New Church Pews and Hymnals

Building Fund (Social Hall and or furnishings)

Supplies                                                          Field Trips

Bed Sheet Fundraiser is one of the fastest growing fundraising idea in the last 5 years!

Signature Chocolate $1 Products can earn your group $1,000’s with programs that yield group profits of up to 50%!

TRITAN TUMBLERS FUNDRAISER Top Quality Diamond Vortex Stainless Steel Tumblers with slide closure lids and come with several of the nations top College and Pro team logos. Customizing one for your group with an order of only 96 tumblers!