Tips For Successful Fund Raising

We’re happy to share these important tips for successful fund raising with you. Feel free to contact us with your questions here.

  • Careful planning and timing is key to maximum success.
  • There must be a valid purpose for fund raising – communicate this purpose to your group!
  • Divide and conquer: Spread the work load within your volunteer group.
  • Establish volunteer leaders within your group.
  • Be sure the fund raising company you select is willing to assist your fund raising volunteers by educating them on all steps necessary for success.
  • Motivate your sellers by offering incentives and create excitement about the potential results when they work together.
  • Encourage all members of your group to support the effort. Too many times, low participation on multiple fund raising efforts can burn out your volunteers and reduce the group’s enthusiasm.
  • Select fund raisers you know will be appealing economically to your group and area.
  • Be sure you understand the quantities required for delivery and desired profits.
  • Be sure to know the dollar amount you will make. Profit percentages can be very deceiving and too many times groups are worried about the higher percentage versus the value and actual amount you will earn. Know all the charges associated with delivery, pre-packing, special requests, minimum amounts, etc.
  • Know how payments will be handled.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and expect clear answers.
  • And, most importantly – do not overburden your group with one fund raiser right after the other. While every company wants your business, the ultimate goal is to identify and stick with a company and product with strong results. One or two very successful fund raising efforts is far more rewarding and less work on the entire group and your volunteers!